This was way more fun than writing a cover letter. Originally, I thought of preserving the rooster, in line with the existing logo - just illustrate a pixelized rooster. But then I thought of iconography. I knew using a pixel-like font would be too on the nose, so thinking in the abstract and something wider, I came up with this "barn bit". Googling "farm" resulted in more pictures of barns than roosters. For a few seconds, I thought of just a square - a pixel, but that's too generic. To balance the on-the-nose text treatment, I thought of a barn's silhouette; I minimalized that to an edited even-sided heptagon.

After that, I added the company's color to add dimension in form of gradients representing gouraud shading, so the barn becomes this 3D thing, better representing what Pixel Farm actually does.

I chose the free font, Hachicro, because it's a true pixel font, and the R is reminiscent of the R from Helvetica; there's an elegance to it that reflects design, purpose, and flair. It's slightly edited.